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Exempt Assets

The following assets are some of the exempt assets from Medicaid qualifications:
1. Homestead:
- so long as the well spouse continues to reside there.
- if there is an "intent-to-return" by the applicant.
- if a dependent SSI-disabled child lives there.
2. Certain Retirement Accounts.
3. Trade or Business Property.
4. Irrevocable burial contracts.
5. $2,500 designated for burial expenses
6. Irrevocable burial contracts, bank accounts designated for burial by notation in the title, or life insurance policies.
7. One burial plot per family member.
8. Other property if rented or listed for sale at fair market value.
9. One Vehicle
10. Additional vehicle(s) - if seven or more years old, except if is a luxury model, an antique or customized.
11. Life insurance - with zero cash value - or if - with cash value - the total face value of all life insurance policies is less than $2,500.
12. Life estate interest in real property.
13. Certain annuities.
14. One wedding ring.

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